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A Short History of the Library at Overlook Manheim Township

A Healthy Community (www.manheimtownship.org) founded in 1729, is the largest municipality and the only First Class Township in Lancaster County. It is the 37th largest municipality in Pennsylvania, and the only large municipality in the County without a substantial public library to serve the diverse and changing needs of its approximately 15,000 households and 35,000 residents (40% of whom hold library cards and borrowed over 120,000 items from other nearby libraries in 2005).

Manheim Township is a fast-growing community of primarily middle-to-upper middle class residents. Within Lancaster County, Township is recognized for its outstanding school system, and is significantly upgrading its main school campus. Over the past 10-15 years Township residents have increased their investment in community-oriented facilities such as the the 300-acre Overlook Community Campus -- home to a restaurant, baseball and soccer fields, indoor skating rink, swimming pool, driving range, miniature and 18-hole golf course, wetlands, running and bike paths, and a destination playground park.

In April of 2007, the Township library branch moved to a leased space in a suburban office building located at 2121 Oregon Pike. And, effective May 1, 2007, the Township library became an independent public library affiliated with the Library System of Lancaster County. Township's library is overseen by a board of seven Trustees appointed by Township Commissioners in March, 2007.

The Trustees will manage the affairs of the library according to policies and procedures established by the Pennsylvania Office of Commonwealth Libraries. The newly-appointed Trustees built a 20,000SF, library with 30,000 titles to serve Township residents and residents of nearby East Petersburg (est. pop. 4,500). The new library opened on September 13, 2010. The new library will joined 13 other member libraries in the Library System of Lancaster County and is located in the Overlook Campus. The site can be accessed from Delp Road and the Lititz and Fruitville Pikes.

The project was funded by the community with $5,000,000 set aside by the Township Commissioners, private donations, and grants.

Purpose and Vision

The new library serves as a physical and virtual gathering place in a once rural and now suburban community that has no other public center. In fulfillment of its mission, the library provide services and programs for educational, recreational and cultural enrichment that promote and support personal growth, economic self-sufficiency, and a life-long love of learning. In its capacity as an inclusive, 21st century information marketplace -- providing timely, relevant, personal and accessible content for all Township residents, the Library's plan, amenities, media and content collections will reflect and embrace society's ever-diversifying and morphing media preferences and usage habits.

The Library will houses both classical and contemporary print and electronic media collections and also provide a home for art and other special exhibits that feed and inspire the mind. It also accommodates informal socialization and a variety of formal learning-oriented programs such as book/film/music/genealogy/travel clubs, job search assistance, language classes, research paper/homework help/tutoring, research skills development, test preparation, etc. To accomplish its mission efficiently and effectively, the Library uses state-of-the art technology for operations, management and communication.